Career Coaching


InScope believes that our careers, life, and leadership style are all intertwined, hence the integrative approach to coaching.

Steffi will help you take a holistic look at your life (no, not therapy!), to determine what inner and outer work needs to be addressed to sustain you in the next phase of your career AND your life.

What are some of the things career coaching at InScope can help you achieve?
  • Develop a career strategy that aligns with your “Best Self”.
  • Clarify your values and purpose.
  • Reflect your passion in powerful mission and vision statements. 
  • Tame your inner critic.
  • Overcome unconscious behavior patterns that do not serve you. 
  • Rise above your limiting beliefs, lean-in and take action.
  • Hold you accountable.
  • Go from good to great!


Steffi is a lifelong learner and has years of experience at some of the most prestigious educational institutions around the world.

She also understands that navigating the complexities of transitioning from student to professional life is not always straightforward. She wants to take her years of academic and professional expertise to guide the next generation so that they may be even more influential than they could dream possible.

Opportunities for Career Coaching for students may include:
  • Academic transitions (changing fields, going from undergraduate to graduate school, etc.)
  • Shifting from a student to a working professional
  • Establishing career goals and vision
  • Networking and creating a job search plan
  • Developing confidence, leadership, and other skills


Work can be stressful and complex.

No matter where you are in your career, there comes a time when we all need a bit of support.

Studies show that many people feel the effects of stress at work

  • Employee stress levels have increased by 20% in the last three decades (Reference: Korn Ferry Institute, a global organizational consulting firm)
  • In 2019, 94% of American workers report experiencing stress at their workplace (Reference: The American Institute of Stress, Sept. 2019)
  • Roughly three in ten (29%) of those with at least one trusted professional contact report rarely or never receiving professional support when they asked. (Reference: Impact Genome/AP-NORC Poll, June 2021 report)
  • 15% of Americans have fewer people they can trust for career support, and 24% asked for less help professionally because of the Covid-19 pandemic. (Reference: Impact Genome/AP-NORC Poll, June 2021 report)

A trusted, non-judgmental coach can most effectively help you overcome the challenges of your career.

Let InScope take the stress and overwhelm out of the process so that you can determine your next steps and how to get there.

Opportunities for Career Coaching for professionals may include:
  • Embarking on major career shifts or transitions
  • Developing personal leadership skills
  • Removing inner and outer blocks towards personal effectiveness and transformation
  • Achieving better balance in life while still accomplishing business goals
  • Clarifying goals and vision for those stuck in career crossroads